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The Coldhold

One of the unique products invented, developed and manufactured by Enviropanel (Coldhold Systems) is the 'Coldhold'.

A refrigerated area is constructed with normal composite insulated panels for both walls and ceiling but a wide opening is left at the front of the room.  A high performance insulated curtain, suspended from a special sealed track is used to replace the missing coldroom wall which allows precious floor space to be used as a coldroom when required. This can be easily retracted when not in use to leave a completely free space for easy-access ambient storage.

The insulated curtains are stored along an internal wall when not in use and the complete door frame also hinges back along an internal wall to give unrestricted access.
This concept has been widely employed by Marks & Spencer in the loading bays of most of its stores to maximise the usefulness of limited warehouse space. A delivery lorry can be completely unloaded into the chilled area, allowing the lorry to leave whilst the food is being sorted before being taken to the sales floor or to the main coldrooms. When no longer required, the refrigeration is switched off, the curtains are pulled back and the area is available for normal ambient use.

The coldhold can be completely independent or built onto existing coldrooms. It is also particularly useful as an additional coldroom for peak trading periods.


Coldhold Interior
Coldhold Exterior

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